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Facial expression

How to make facial expression of which I want to move the vertices in animation for polygon mesh ? Can you help me for process to make facial expression ?


Many thanks.

It seems there is not vertices to move in animation… However there is a morph, I try to morph three simple cube but I can’t change for morph, can you help on what I am missing to make it ?

morph_test.shd (morph_test)

Please try this.

Is it a result which matches your request?

re_morph_test.shd (16.9 キロバイト)

Sorry but it doesn’t work for me, I don’t see from change for morph…

Try dragging the Slider in the Info Window at the bottom right.
Then the morph will be executed.
However, if you want a real Facial Morph, you can use the following (1.5 メガバイト)

Sorry for late… xD

Thank you ! It’s works !

One question, is it shade 3D version 21 support facial morph ?