Recent works done with Shade

Here are some of my recent images done with the help of Shade v16, DAZ3D and Photoshop. Hope you guys like them:

Neuromancer - Jarre de The

Neuromancer - Sense/Net archives

Artificial construct

Weaver of worlds

Tank SM-01


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Your images are very exiting!
I like them.

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How do you do Adam?

I love Cloud Atlas, and love very excellent touch as story and pictures. I heard you were stuff of Cloud Atlas! I had surprised when you started to show your works in this site.

Now, those recent your works let me to dream toward another world inspire real future as like P.K.Dick.

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Hello. Yes, I worked on ‘Cloud Atlas’, I created designs mainly for Neo-Seoul (Somni story), vehicles and props.
I started using Shade a while ago, so decided to post some images done with it. I’ll post more soon.


Amazing works, look like scenes out of the movie.
It’s fresh air to this site, sure,everyone at here enjoys your work.

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